Purchase an AxisTech camera solution to help with: 

  • Bolstering your farm’s security 
  • Monitoring people and vehicle movements 
  • Protecting water supplies, assets and livestock 

Our variety of camera options, including PTZ and licence plate recognition cameras along with a number of connectivity and solar power options allows us to provide tailored camera solutions to fit the needs of any property.

We also offer custom camera solutions.

  • 4G Solar Polemounted Bullet
  • 4G Solar Polemounted PTZ
  • 4G Solar Polemounted 360

For more detail on the options available follow the links below.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about any camera solutions and what setup would be best for your site.


Camera Model Options

With bullet, PTZ, 360° and licence plate recognition cameras AxisTech provides an extensive range of options for security and monitoring solutions.

Photo 29-12-2022, 6 59 50 pm

Connectivity Options

The AxisTech 4G PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera is an ultra-high-definition camera with infrared night vision up to 150m and endless 360° panning.

AxisTech_Solar Polemounted Cellular 360 Camera Bundle (Cellular)

Solar Power Options

Keep your cameras and other devices powered off the grid with the AxisTech solar panel and mount package