Soil - ST

A Soil Sentek probe is a type of soil moisture probe that is used to measure soil water content at different depths in the soil profile. The Sentek probe uses a capacitance-based sensor to measure the dielectric constant of the soil, which is directly related to soil water content. The probe consists of a stainless steel rod with sensors located at different depths along the rod, typically ranging from 300mm to 1200mm.

The Sentek probe is a useful tool for irrigation management and research purposes, as it provides detailed information on soil moisture conditions at different depths, allowing for more accurate and efficient irrigation scheduling. The data collected from the probe can also be used to monitor changes in soil moisture over time, and to identify trends and patterns in soil moisture behavior.

The AxisTech Soil-ST uses a Sentek soil probe to provide capacitance-based soil moisture and soil temperature monitoring, with optional soil salinity monitoring.

Each Sentek soil probe is individually calibrated in the factory and will never need to be recalibrated in the field.

The data from the Sentek soil probe can help farmers and land managers to:

  • Prevent losses
  • Better manage their natural resources
  • Make predictive changes to better manage crop varieties
  • Adapt farming methods to changing climatic conditions




Moisture sensor spacing: 10cm Top Diameter: 30.5mm +/-0.2mm Taper Angle: 0.15° Moisture resolution: 1:10,000 Moisture precision: +/-0.03% vol. Temperature resolution: 0.3°C Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2° @ 25°C Temperature Range (Operating): -20°C to +60C Salinity resolution: 1:3000 Salinity variation: 0.2%CV


Solar with Li-PO4 battery backup


Current: Sigfox, 4G/LTE/CatM1/NB-IOT (5G ready), Satellite

ModelECSensorsDepth (mm)
Soil-EP4 4400
Soil-EP12 (available on request) 121200
Soil-EP16 (available on request) 161600
Soil-EPEC4 4400
Soil-EPEC8 8800
Soil-EPEC12 (available on request) 121200
Soil-EPEC16 (available on request) 161600
Data Sheet
What's Included?
You’ll get:
  • Soil moisture probe
  • Controller
  • Magnet Wand
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Spares Kit
Items not included:
  • Pole (30-50mm external diameter)
  • 13mm Spanner
The Soil-ST features quick and easy installation. Download Soil-ST Installation Guide
Data Management

With our AxisStream data management system, all of your Sentek soil probe data can be ingested, standardised to a uniform data model (industry or global standard) and stored in one data store that is controlled and owned by you. This well-organised and well-structured data can then be consumed in multiple ways including visualisation, insights and analysis.