Ceres Tag

When you opt for AxisTech as your Ceres Tag software provider, you gain access to a range of powerful tools for managing and analysing your data, including:

  • Organising your Ceres Tag data by types and streams, with each tag representing a unique stream
  • Establishing quick visuals of data with charts, maps, and tables to establish targeted views of your data
  • Filtering and sorting your data to narrow your focus
  • Easily exporting your Ceres tag data to CSV for collaborations or use with other software
  • Selecting one or more data streams (tags) and sharing only those streams
  • Creating your own secure API for collaborations and integrations with researchers or other software providers
  • Using tools for in-depth insights and analysis, including viewing animal locations and analysing their behavior by activity level, date, time of day, or any combination of these
  • Analysing animal behavior, activity levels, or movement patterns during particular times of the day or during specific days with the heat map feature
  • Creating interactive tracking and movement maps to provide information on the direction of movement and key activity points
  • Creating comparisons with charts and tables, such as animal vs. animal, distance traveled, or time of day to conduct your own analysis
  • Viewing last position reports for Ceres Tag and other devices
  • Creating multi-device data views for a comprehensive overview of your farm’s operations.

How to purchase Ceres Tags and choose AxisTech as your software provider:

  1. Purchase your Ceres Tags from the Ceres Tag website and create a Ceres Tag account.
  2. Set up an account with AxisTech by completing the form here.
  3. In your Ceres Tag account portal, select AxisTech as your software provider from the dropdown menu.

For more information on AxisStream click here or contact us.

For more information on Ceres Tag, visit their website.

For further enquiries please contact info@axistech.co