Benefits of Cellular IoT Connectivity

  • Devices can sleep for periods of time with extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) and Power Saving Mode (PSM) functionalities which greatly reduces device power consumption.
  • Enhanced signal coverage per base station. With extreme coverage capability, these devices are ideal for supporting very low data rate applications in extremely challenging radio conditions.
  • The global mobile network standards body’s (3GPP) acceptance of existing Narrowband (NB-IoT) and Cat M1 IoT technologies as 5G IoT technologies means we will be able to continue to support our devices beyond the lifespan of 4G. Cat M1 and NB-IoT have now officially been recognised as a 5G technology. As a result, our customers can embrace these devices with confidence in the technology’s long-term future. Telstra has already taken the formal position that these devices will be able to operate on Telstra IoT networks until at least 2035.