What is Sigfox?

Sigfox is a low-power solution that connects devices and sensors via a radio-based network. It can be used as a secondary solution to wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPRS.

In terms of connectivity, Sigfox is a public network, meaning devices rely on existing Sigfox infrastructure to communicate.


AxisTech has developed Sigfox-in-a-Box, a portable housed Sigfox solution which provides small scale Sigfox connectivity of up to 5km.

Sigfox-in-a-Box is easy to install and can also help improve Sigfox connectivity in areas where topography impacts base station signal. The rugged housing enables the solution to be installed outdoors to maximise installation options.

SIGFOX technology.

The Sigfox-in-a-Box Solution includes:

  • Sigfox access station
  • Cellular backhaul with industrial grade 4G modem
  • Standalone operation with solar power
  • 3 days battery backup
  • Internal device health monitor, state of charging and charging conditions
  • Rugged glass reinforced IP67 enclosure for outdoor installation