Agrifood - Sustainability and Tech

At AxisTech we understand that we have an important role to play to help further digitise the food and beverage, and agrifood sectors. 

Through our range of innovative data solutions and devices we are helping to solve real problems with real solutions now and into the future. 

Our view is that all data has value, and that a farmer, business owner, or industry representative should maintain ownership of that data – including from an old notebook!  

As part of meeting our clients’ needs, we know that providing targeted solutions is the best approach. 

We aim to achieve this is through – important partnerships, creating and building innovative devices and finding data solutions. 

We have been working hard in this space – to bring you some of the most exciting collaborations and leading innovations in the field! 

1. CustAg-LOGO-FINAL-17.10.21

We are thrilled to welcome CustodianAg into the AxisTech fold. 

CustodianAg was founded by a group of industry leaders with a vision for sustainability and expertise across the soils, agrifood and tech industries and our Managing Director Wes Lawrence is one of them! 

CustodianAg’s focus is to – provide data measurement and management, and tracking sustainability metrics in agriculture value chains. 

Delivery of this is via five different interlinked areas which we call our 5M approach 

    1. Measurement
    2. Management
    3. Metrics
    4. Method
    5. Monetise

Custodian Ag is dedicated to assisting to solve industry challenges and problems with real and feasible solutions.
AxisTech is one of a group of innovative collaborators bringing this all to fruition. Find out more.